Monday, November 2, 2015

My heart is "beeping" fast!

Yesterday, the baby, you know, the one who just turned 6....he ran up (and down) a half mile hill.  We live at the bottom of this hill and walk/jog/run it quite often but Kimber has never run the whole way.  Yesterday HE DID IT.  Of course this morning, there was much complaining about his legs hurting.  Lactic acid discussion ensued. 

I will fully admit that I don't do baby talk, I take this job of raising self sufficient humans seriously and have tried hard to talk to these kids like the people they are....BUT......I just can't fix K's term for his heart beating.....beeping.  While laying on the driveway after his sprint he just had to let me feel his "heart beeping".

This is probably my favorite incorrect word usage of also allows me to keep savoring one of the few morsels of his littleness for a little while longer,  he is so independent and aware and OLDER than his 6 years in so many ways, I will keep "heart beeping" for a little while longer.

Within 10 minutes of our arrival back home from our run, Matthew took his first over the handlebar dismount....with minimal drama I might add.  I think he was pretty close to crying but my well disguised worry masquerading as AWE tricked him.  He got a little banged up and sported some bruises on his ribs for a few days but was back on his bike within 15 minutes or so.

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