Friday, June 29, 2012


This week we participated in a local vacation bible school and they and I loved it.  

I had the privilege of teaching nine little 3-year olds...
with not nearly enough caffeine in my system...
 it was a rewarding and exhausting experience.

VBS has changed over the years and while I admit at first the absence of 
traditional VBS songs annoyed me, 
by weeks end we were all happily belting out all of the tunes reinforcing 
the theme of the week...
trusting God no matter who you are, how you feel, what people do or where you are!!

They brought in offering all week and got to celebrate meeting their goal with a balloon release, 
which they all thought was super amazing.

Posing with Apollo, the caterpillar.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

In a minute

Kimber has taken to telling me "in a minute" about a lot of things these days.

Today, we were talking about their upcoming birthdays and Matthew was saying that he is going to be 5, Kimber then chimed in that he is going to be 3 and then 5 "in a minute".

It does seem like he was 1 just a few days ago so the "minute" doesn't seem like such a stretch.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Matthew has started asking all kinds of questions lately.  While we a fully entrenched in the question phase, the depth of the questions is increasing.

A few examples:

"When I grow up will I get milk in my boobies to feed babies"?

"Is this chicken"?  "Did Papa shoot it"?

"Did God make Transformers"?

"Why is the internet being wonky"?