Saturday, December 29, 2012


514...the number of miles these short legs ran this year.  My goal was 500 so YEE-HAW...and  WHEW!

Now trying to determine the 2013 goal...besides getting rid of these extra pounds...which would equate to easier running!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Nuggle time

There are many times I get bogged down in the to do list and I feel like these years are passing way too quickly.  Kimber is my little snuggle man and he knows just the way to get me to stop and enjoy him by asking for me to "nuggle" with him.  One of the things I enjoy most about staying home with these guys is that our mornings are typically full of cuddle time, I know this will change soon enough but I certainly do NOT MISS the chaos that was getting us, our lunches, gym bags and a baby and all his gear to daycare on the morning before making it to our offices by 8. 

Boys Birthday Campout 2012

Please ignore that this post is a few a lot of weeks months late, life is crazy these days.

Our guys love to camp so it seemed appropriate that we camp out in our backyard to celebrate their birthdays.  I think this may become an annual tradition.  The party was a hit, with our children as much as the fellow campers.

The week before the party we hammered our little hearts out making signs, gathering sticks and getting our scavenger hunting bags ready.


The day of the party papa took the boys to Home Depot while I decorated the cake with no helpers.  It turned out pretty cute I think.


Anita was our resident marshmallow shooter distributor

Guns and Ammo

Paul shuttled gear into Camp Riggle

Taste testing all the chocolate Ms. Nae unwrapped.

We had lots of helpers that made the day a success.

From handing out treats to shuttling gear to stringing balloons to making scavenger bags to unwrapping enormous amounts of chocolate to cleaning up.  This village we have the opportunity to participate in never fails to show us the love.

Ready to hunt
The rest of the hunters

                                                                                         The glowstick tree, the 1st of many scavenger finds
Traipsing through the woods
Poor Dan, designated parachute installer, at least he has a PhD, right?
Mr. Dan, with the world's smallest balloon pump.
Real men dine on the back of a gator

We really did have an actual table for eating at.
Faces like this, make it ALL WORTH IT!
His big jeep, from the bestest neighbors!

Outdoor movie time

Camp Riggle

Early morning negotiations in the sandbox
Bacon, lots of bacon


What a stance
This picture cracks me right up
                                                                                                            My boys
Chocolate, for breakfast

Caden, working on his 2nd breakfast.
Buddies enjoying their treat

So happy

Potato Cannon instruction

Boys...will be BOYS, no matter how old.
A whole lot of cute, up in a tree.

 A friend loaned us a bow and the boys got to practice shooting after their camping friends left.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On 3

Before becoming a parent all I heard about was the lack of sleep associated with parenting and the terrible twos.


My dumb self thought the lack of sleep thing was for a few months, I now realize it is truly a long term situation.  I am quite convinced at this point that I will never again sleep like I did before I had children.  I mean who truly sleeps as carefree as they did before these little beings that we grew in our bodies are out in the crazy big scary world????  I am not sure them being 20 is any better than them being 3?


For us, 2 was a breeze with Matthew and Kimber both. 

3...well that is a whole other story.  The 3rd year was pretty hard with Matthew, granted we had a one year old at the time as well but I distinctly remember thinking WOW, really, is this what 3 is supposed to be like.  The answer is a resounding YES.  Kimber is now a few months into 3 and holy guacamole, he challenges my patience, my parenting and my general sanity every single day.  He is the sunggliest guy on the planet one minute and a defiant little stinker the next.   I know, I know, I will miss these days some day, but today is NOT that day.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I has a weirdly domestically productive day.

Not that I don't feel crazy busy 99% of the time, today I got a lot of things marked off the never ever ending list.

Baked and pureed 2 pumpkins.

Processed 2 legs of deer, about 6 roasts and then ground the rest for burger meat.

Made a giant batch of meatballs, froze 2/3 of them for easy meals later.

Visited a brand new baby boy.

Went to an open house at the local toy store that we adore.

Both kids were in bed at 8, husband cashed out in the recliner soon after and I got some work stuff done and did a blog post....I'm an animal I tell ya!!