Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Oracle

So, I am a little obsessed with my calendar, also known as "the calendar" or "the oracle".  I really do get a sense of organization or have-everything-togetherness from having a well organized updated, sometimes color coordinated calender.

Well today nothing went as planned and I mean nothing.  Instead of serving for the early service at church I served in the early service, then ended up serving with William in the middle service and actually attending the 11:00 service.  While nothing about this morning was planned it was incredibly relaxed and a wee bit freeing to just act on the fly.  And I would never have been able to convince William to teach a room full of 2-year olds, but boy did he step up and boy did we realize that 6 two year a lot of 2-year olds.

This afternoon we also flew by the seat of our pants.  We got a few things done, spent some much needed quality time together as a family and laughed, talked and truly enjoyed ourselves.

So yes, I know some of you make fun of my calendar but believe me, I know how to let go...every once in a while.

Friday, September 21, 2012

My baby is 3, really?

So Kimber Grey, you turn 3 today.  It does not seem at all possible that my lastborn is 3 whole years old.  The time has flown but every single day you make me smile...and a little scared.

Your favorite color is pink, mostly because you associate pink with strawberry flavors but your little buddies Natalie and Lyla help in this area too.

You love "chookies", well mostly the raw dough.

Caillou and Captain America are your most favorite characters at the moment.

You are so confident when telling me your ideas.  Often times I tell you the plan and you look at me and suggest an alternate plan with such calm confidence it is a bit surprising.

You are a snuggler, every morning you need snuggle time with mama or papa to get your day off to a good start.

You love swimming and are quite good at it.

You, along with Matthew love pretending.  Just yesterday you guys packed up your backpacks and went on a hike, built a (fireless) campfire, and you were elected Santa and Matthew was a reindeer pulling you around by a rope.  You love "cooking" with your Play-Doh and doing crafts.

 You are my biscuit making buddy.  You know just which bowl and pan we use and can get them out.  You are getting good at cutting in the shortening.  Your future wife will love me....or hate me?


You are starting to ride your big bike and keep telling me your are balancing and don't need your training wheels.

You have told me multiple times that you are going to have a motorcycle when you grow up, that and the fact that you are going to be a cowboy.  I feel compelled to tell you that you might want to decide on a more lucrative profession if you want a nice much as I cringe at the idea of you ever riding one of those dangerous machines.

You are still not a sleeper.  Never really have been so I am not surprised.  We have finally weaned you off having to hold my hair to fall asleep.

You have been trying to give up your nap for months and many days you do but boy, putting you in the car anytime after 4 is a surefire way to make you cash out.

You are pretty good at most of your colors.  You can count to ten in English, Spanish and German.

You love balloons, bubbles and trains.

For being as dominant as you are you willingly follow around some of your little girl buddies and do whatever they want you to.

You love playing outside, especially planting things or digging in the sandbox.  You ask the name of every plant and can remember a lot of them like rosemary, elephant ears and lambs ear.

You keep telling me are going to be 4 next.....don't rush it little buddy!

You have been potty trained a full year and many days you wake up dry even though I make you wear a pull-up at night.  I have been telling you that once you turn 3 we can try going to bed without a pull-up.  Here goes!

We love you immensely little buddy and you have certainly brought a spark to our little family. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Do you ever have one of those surreal moments when the result of a decision that you stressed over finally rears its head and you realize, wow, I am so glad I did x?

Well it happened to me today, while sitting in car line at preschool pick-up.  I saw Matthew coming in from the playground with his class and finally, he was not the smallest one.  He looked like he fit in with his class, which is a huge first.  Last year he was so much smaller than 90% of his classmates it caused a little anxiety for this mama.

So, that decision I made to wait one more year for kindergarten, is okay.  He is where he is supposed to be, I have no doubt.  And I have another whole year with my little man!!!