Tuesday, September 10, 2013



I am becoming that mom, you know the one, the weird homeschooling one.  Come on, you all know that one person who you all think is CRAAAZZZZY that homeschools her kids.  Not that normal has ever been my MO, but once again I am going against the grain.

You want to know what I find the most funny?  The girl who is forever trying to be accepted by others, have the approval of people I care about could actually CARE LESS what everyone else thinks.  It is nice to have this conviction that you are doing the RIGHT thing for YOUR family.

There are 8 million reason why I am sitting where I am sitting today....but the biggest one is the most simple.  No matter what, hands down, the best method of teaching is one on one personalized tutoring and really, who cares more about the education of my sons than their mother?

I know, I know what about socialization?  Really, our life is not going to change that much, he just won't be forced to spend most of his waking hours with a very small and not very diverse group of people his age.