Wednesday, April 6, 2016

NATURE CLUB April 2016

Kimber asked at the first of the year to start a nature club.  He had a very clear picture of what he wanted to do so over the last few months we have worked together to plan a monthly meeting with some of his buddies. 

Yesterday was our first meeting of nature club.  Our subject matter was birds.  We talked about the parts of a feather, the different types of feathers, the physical differences between male and female birds and several other characteristics of birds.  We did a nature walk and spied a couple of cardinals, a wren and a robin.

It was a success I believe, though there were a few scratches and run ins with some giant pine cones.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I am blessed to work part time for a local biotechnology institute.  While I don't work in a scientific capacity I am always intrigued by the scientific geniuses that are working right here in our own little town.

We were invited to tag along on a field trip organized by a friend I work with today and we had such a GREAT experience. 

The kids got to extract DNA from a strawberry, first mechanically and then for the win!

We won't talk about the tears that ensued over math once we got home!