Friday, November 16, 2012

Nature Walk, Leaf Painting, Creek Exploration and Acorn Stamping

We were spoiled by a very mild and warm fall.  We took this opportunity to spend a lot of time out of doors.

We went on a nature walk and discovered some super cool mushrooms, collected acorns, leaves and pinecones.   Afterwards we raked leaves and enjoyed jumping in the piles.


We painted leaves and made acorn paintings one day on our new previously loved outdoor kid table.




 We took both dogs and a friend with her two pups with us to the creek one warm fall afternoon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


They don't love each other, not one little bit.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Galaxy of Lights

 Sunday we ventured out to the Galaxy of Lights for our annual walk through the Christmas lights.  It is a little surreal to watch these kids every year because they seem to grow at warp speed It becomes glaringly apparent when we are walking and remembering the previous year that these years with little guys are moving very very quickly. 

Anyway...once again, the weather was perfect, the children were excited and we enjoyed our little adventure immensely.

We also got to see Santa and actually had two willing boys sit on his lap!


13.1 Date

It is that time again, last Saturday was my third and William's first running of the local little half marathon I have come to love.  It is the perfect little race with just the right amount of people, support, cheering and the weather, once again, was pretty perfect.

The last 13.1 was did together was in 2004, in Dallas, before our world was turned upside down by little people.  After the race we ate and literally went home and did nothing the rest of the day.  IN case you were wondering, that is NOT the post-race agenda of a 3 and 5 year old.  Movies, carousel riding, dinner out and lots of walking was their plan, apparently.

This year I actually got to run it with the hubs...well this might be a bit of a stretch as you can imagine 6 foot man and not quite 5 foot girl are not exactly the same pace, but we were together for the first 7 miles and together in spirit after that!  I struggled A LOT, especially the first 5 or so miles, the coughy junk I have been fighting for close to a month tried to stop me over and over but once I got through about the 5th mile it got a bit easier.

My sweet friend Lisa, who made it through 90% of our training...all while growing a tiny human in her uterus had to drop out at the last minute per doctors orders.  She so graciously gave her packet to Willie and took charge on my little men and came and cheered us on with gusto.  She rocks in SO SO SO many ways.

Anyways, we did it, it's over and I always have mixed emotions after a race.  I am relieved to not be in training for anything, but I love working towards a goal.  I am thinking P90x over the next couple of months.....onward and upward baby!!

And if you see me limping, don't laugh, these are 36 year old knees...that feel at least 60 right now.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


The last month or so I have felt pretty defeated, I feel like I am finally coming out of the fog...thankfully.
The outcome of the election....sigh.

That always behind overly disorganized feeling drives me batty.

Willie's overseas journey equated to a very nervous-sleepless me, and I was a bit shocked by that reaction quite frankly.

The new phases with these guys, Kimber has had a few defiant moments recently.  He also has decided that he needs to vote about what he wears each day (what, I only thought girls did that?????)

I got what I thought was a 48ish hour bug about 3 weeks ago and feel like I have never really gotten over it.  I finally slinked into the doctors office a few days ago after finally coming to the conclusion that the Mucinex-Sudafed-Zyrtec-Tylenol regiman was absolutely NOT WORKING.

Both ears were infected and he was a bit concerned that I might have whooping cough.  So I got a nice little steroid shot, an antibiotic, an inhaler and this AMAZING IN A GOOD WAY cough medicine.  I have actually gotten some REAL sleep the last two nights.

Did a 5-mile run...well really a run walk yesterday and every single step was miserable and that amazing feeling that a run always gives me, no dice.

So yes, one big pity party over here, but you know today I woke up feeling AMAZING, okay so maybe I am a little high on the aforementioned codeine laced cough syrup but wow, I didn't realize how much I am been lagging until I started feeling better.

And you know what, yes I am stressed about where our country is headed but GOD IS KING and I must keep the faith that he is in control and rest in that knowledge.

So that I kicked that defeated feeling to the curb this morning!  Bring it in Thursday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012



The word Matthew uses to describe the previous night or day.

Love him!