Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And I quote

The things these boys say never fails to crack me up:

At Sam's today, after shopping we stopped to get them a pretzel at the snack bar, which is our tradition.

Me:  Kimber, do you want a salty pretzel or sugary pretzel?

Kimber:  I want PIZZA!

We borrow books and movies from the library each week and Matthew picked out Tarzan this week.  As he sits down to watch it he keeps wanting to know where Tarzan is and I repeatedly tell him which guy is Tarzan, to which he replies, "Mama, that is NOT Tarzan, he has princess hair and no dress". 

Some Matthew-isms

He calls peanuts.... peanut butter nuts.

He is either going to be a storm trooper, captain america, darth vader, luke skywalker, Sher-Khan or chewbacca for Halloween, and these are just the ideas he has had in the last 24 hours.

I'm ready to plant seeds, now!

Some Kimber-isms

I have an idea (usually when he doesn't like what I have told him to do).

Papa, that chip not have handle (you know, the naked part of a chip after covering them with cheese), it's called a handle, apparently.

Mama, I have yogurt?

I beat you Matt/Mama/Papa, it seems every thing is a race these days.

Friday, February 17, 2012


The boys got to pick out some foam swords at Target yesterday and in the last few hours I have discovered that foam swords have many functions, for example:

*  A bat

* A magic wand

* An umbrella

* An elephant trunk

I just wish I had some appliances that could be so versatile, like a washer that dried and ironed/steamed?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Supers Everywhere

You know, the cute Thomas the Train phase goes WAY TOO FAST! 

In recent months Captain America, Spiderman, Kung Fu Panda, Wolverine, Jackie Chan and The Incredible Hulk have dominated play time (and dinner time) around this joint. 

We have shields made from cardboard, the boys can shoot "spider-webs" with amazing accuracy and I am quickly learning the names of all these folks along with their place....good guy or bad guy.

It's okay

It's okay to not have watched the Grammys.  I have yet to understand what is such a draw there.

It's okay to not be crazy upset by Whitney Houston's passing.  I know she had a beautiful voice but I am more saddened and affected by the men and women who lose their lives every single day protecting my freedom on foreign soil.

It's okay to not brag about the Valentine goodness in your house because you don't celebrate the world's stupidest holiday!

It's okay to be insanely excited that I finally found the cupcake liners I bought for the boys birthday party (that was held 6 months ago) in my tax bin.  But hey, the tax bin is cleaned out.  2012, we are now ready for you.

It's okay

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guppy Love

We whipped out a couple hundred (or so it felt like) of these guys for Valentines over the past few days...and then a little something for some of the sweet adults in our lives!

Happy V-Day (even though I think this is by far the dumbest holiday EVER)!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012



When you have friends who let you show up at their house for the party you intended to host.

When you can have friends over and they know their way around your kitchen and practically make dinner for you.

When at a moments notice, neighbors step in and watch our little menfolk for the evening.

When on a dreary Saturday morning these same neighbors deliver sugar laden treats to the little men.

When, on the first day of February, your kids spend hours at the park jumping in mud puddles, playing in the creek and sliding and then riding home in all their naked glory.

When your husband realizes that all you really need is a nap....and does NOT disturb you.

When you finish a project...and feel oh so accomplished.

When your two year old can crack eggs more efficiently than you can.