Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Four Months Little Man

Geez.....this past month really flew. You seemed to change on an even faster pace than usual this month. You had a number of firsts this month, your first Christmas and New Years, your first roll-over and your first experience in your exersaucer. You found your hands and are learning very quickly how to manipulate them. Your laughs, grunts, groans and cries have gotten louder and you are already starting to sound like...well....not a newborn. Like your brother, you love being outside and when you get super fussy a walk always cheers you up. Many people told me that you would be "not so easy" since your brother was a fairly easy baby. That could not be more wrong, you are a happy guy, and I love being the recipient of your never ending smiles.

We love you so much and realize how blessed we are to be your parents!

This picture won the prize as my favorite this month!

You are watching your brother playing outside.

The two cutest redheads I know,
besides Dad of course!

At your 4 month check-up,
before the tear inducing shots.

Friday, January 22, 2010


In the months leading up to Kimber's birth we talked endlessly about "the baby" in an effort to prepare Matthew for Kimber's arrival. Matthew has transitioned quite nicely from an only child to a big brother. Over the past few weeks we have been attempting to teach Matthew that baby has a name. While I realize this is probably a foreign concept for a two-something, we have nonetheless made an effort.

Willie was sitting on the couch with Matthew and Baby a few nights ago and this dialogue was repeated no fewer than five times.

Willie: ka.........ka.........ka.......Kimber


So....for the moment Kimber is being affectionately called Kababy!!

I hope we have a resolution so Kimber doesn't pass by Matthew in the hallway in high school and get called Kababy....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Things I'll Miss.... Chapter One

This will be an ongoing post as I am sure I will be bombarded with these things over the next several years....

While rocking with Matthew after naptime today, while Kimber was peacefully snoozing on the couch, I realized how fleeting these moments are. Since becoming a SAHM I have struggled with a number of things but I have consciously tried to cherish all of these little moments that I will not get back. That is much easier said than done as there always seems to be something else demanding my attention.

1) Rocking with my babies.
Matthew is a snuggler and I hope Kimber will be too. I think my favorite times during the course of the day is when Matthew first wakes up and comes to me and says "Mama rock?". While the actual rocking generally lasts less than 10 minutes it is truly rejuvenating for me.

2) "Choo Choo"
While some days where it seems like all I have accomplished is building train tracks, putting up train tracks, stepping on train tracks, finding train tracks in the bathroom, etc there will come a day when this little boy will not ask me to play choo choo with him.

3) The endless laundry....
Okay, so I might not actually miss this but it still brings a smile to my face when I am hanging up newborn clothes, toddler clothes and adult clothes. Someday, there won't be cute little clothes tumbling around in my dryer...or in piles on the floor.

4) Such willing help
I think Matthew pushes a chair into the kitchen no less than 5 times on a typical day. The boy loves to help and while I catch myself getting irritated with flour on the floor and him adding salt to things that don't need it, again, this will pass.

5) Sweet smiles
I completely melt every single time Kimber smiles at me with that huge dimply grin of his. It is absolutely the best feeling in the world to evoke such a reaction and makes so many of the sacrifices worthwhile. I know later in life it will take a lot more than attention from me to get such a sweet reaction.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roll Tide....did I just say that??

After almost four years of living in Alabama, we as a family have chosen a team. Maybe not for a lifetime, but at least for this one game.

We will be rooting for ALABAMA tonight since they are up against those Longhorns.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

We spent the last evening of 2009 with some special friends, in fact, they are the first friends we made in Huntsville. Willie was off on a hunting trip but that did not stop us from partying like it was 1999......

We started the evening with teaching Tedi how to ride the plasma car.....

Had lots of fun "pounding" the pasta......

Riding through his new "tunnel" from Tedi.....

Eating entirely TOO MUCH chocolate fondue, strawberries, marshmallows......

and giving Jeff some sweet baby smiles.

We are looking forward to an adventure filled 2010 and hope to see more of everyone in the coming year.