Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just 'tending

There is a lot of pretending going on over here.

The boys love to pretend that they are...

Camping (behind the office chairs)

Building a Project

Being a doctor...and giving shots

Exercising (K is usually doing the exercise while M checks it off his pretend list)

Cleaning Up

Cooking (every single time the play-doh comes out)

Hiking (complete with backpacks, water and boots)

Making Lists (not sure where they get that from)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I shoot, Papa

We recently took the boys on their first, of likely many, shooting adventures.  Some friends of our have an awesome piece of land not far from us that is totally decked out for shooting.  We all had a blast and the boys keep asking to do that again.  We did learn that play-doh and ammo do not mix, another life lesson we would have missed out on if it weren't for our little guys!

Checking it out

K-Safe and Sound
They we SO READY to get started.

Such seriousness from my mini-me.

22 rounds - prior to the play dough addition.

Kommando Kimber

Kimber:  "Mama, I be 'mando a little bit"

Translation: He wants to go commando (without underwear). it normal for a 2 year old to know what commando is...or to have such an aversion to undergarments?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sleeping Water

 We recently embarked on our annual fall camping adventure.  After much research we decided Dismals Canyons was to be our destination.  Located a little over an hour away, it was perfect!  We "really" camped this time, no electricity, no water and had to park about 1500 feet away from our car.  There was a cool waterfall at our campsite...what I didn't realize when picking out the site that dripping water makes big boys go tee-tee....A LOT apparently. 

Us girls and the kidlets arrived on Friday around 3 and set about unloading all of our gear and getting dinner on...a truly scrumptious muscadine pork loin.

 The kids "helped" a little and had lots of fun hiking on the trail to the car and digging in the sand and rocks.  The boys arrived around six, pitched the tents and supervised the cooking.  We had a relaxing time hanging out, watching the kids play with the flashlights-glowsticks-tractors-shovels-etc.

 Saturday morning, after chowing down on breakfast burritos we set out to hike the canyons.  Truly amazing hiking, the kids loved it and were able to manage most of it alone.  We learned some history, worked up a sweat and Matt developed a raging fever on the way back so not only did I get the hiking workout, I added a 30 pound kid the last half mile or so. 

Some Tylenol and a long nap seemed to cure the fever and Matt was back in business for dinner, enjoying the campfire and s'mores Saturday night.  

 Sunday morning we just relaxed around the fire with hot chocolate and coffee...while eating breakfast and a few more s'mores.  Eventually it was time to start packing up and huffing all the gear back to the vehicles. 


We definitely made some memories and I am proud to say it only took me two weeks to get all of the bags unpacked.  Yes, two weeks is good for me.  We look forward to exploring a new campground in the spring.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkins, pumpkins and little orange haired boys

We have made a couple of trips to the pumpkin patch in recent weeks.  The first was a field trip with Matt's preschool class and the second with friends.  We were blessed with amazingly perfect weather for both trips.  A few pictures of our adventures.

Appliques: The frugal girls monogram

I have never been one to monogram anything.  I have a few monogrammed things the boys were given as gifts and they are cherished but I just cannot bring myself to pay to get something monogrammed.  Almost 2 years ago I got my first real sewing machine and my first order of business was learning the art of applique (that and not having to use the manual to thread the bobbin).  I am proud to report that both have been accomplished.

My most recent applique project involved the boys matching backpacks.  I used some old denim and am quite content with how they turned out.

The boys love them too and now know which backpack belongs to them!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Muddy Night Out

We recently had our first night away since becoming parents 4 years ago.  It was weird but nice, we really needed a little break though I am not sure running a muddy-obstacle laden 5K was exactly a break..but at least there were no kidlets waking us up at 3 AM.  We drove up to Manchester, TN with some friends and participated in our first Warrior Dash.  It was a blast....nothing like bonding with mud!  Post race we camped out and just relaxed which was VERY nice.  A shout out to Jeff and Tedi for watching our little monkeys during our getaway!!

 Warrior Carnage