Monday, January 28, 2013

Pirate Chipmunk Flying Boat

Kimber was trying to explain to us what he wanted to watch yesterday with these exact words.....

Pirate Chipmunk Flying Boat

He meant Wonder Pets...pretty spot on description yes?

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Since Willie will be was on a mission trip in Nepal when he turns 40 we decided to surprise him on the first weekend in October.

Months ago we picked this weekend with some of our close friends, sickness and funerals tried to put a damper on the weekend and while we missed some of the people that planned to come, I think Willie was pleasantly surprised and had a relaxing laid back celebration.

Paddle boats, baseball, snuggles, hammock swinging, campfires, fishing, s'mores, great friends from Texas and Alabama, lots of digging in sand, delicious food, lots of hanging out and dirty dirty dirty barefoot but happy children.

Oh, and Santa...I the boys really want a sand-boat!!!!

Baseball with Uncle Ronny
So happy to be fishing, can you tell?
Aunt Nicki and sweet little Zoe dog

I would have bet money that I would NEVER witness Will in a paddle boat....

Little dirty feet, evidence of happy kids!

Pile O'Chicken

Makes me all warm and fuzzy

Not at all worried about 40

Christmas 2012

We flew solo this Christmas.

Will's parents usually come for Christmas but due to a surgery conflict they could not join us.  We had a great holiday with our little family and enjoyed having friends over for Christmas dinner.

Before Christmas Eve Service

No luck in getting a serious picture.

Love these guys

Self portrait

Lego building

Sprinkling reindeer food

Santa's delivery

Crashed out boys

So excited

Digging into his stocking

Why yes, more Legos


Clean little kidlets on Christmas

Rare moment of love between Lyla and Muppet

Enjoying their climbing wall from Nana & Gramps

This little dude took Mr. and Mrs. Claus several hours to construct

Bears do it!

Hibernate that is.

Since having kids we find ourselves going into hibernation in winter time.  This year seems more severe with the flu season being so bad, me being sick for a good 6 weeks, both boys passing something back and forth for a few months, friends with new babies, etc, etc, etc.

I already don't love cold weather, so the sickness/isolation factor only makes winter worse.

We have taken many opportunities to get out and ride bikes, go to the park or paint outside even if it means bundling up so that we can all get a little fresh air but I am so so so ready for spring.

At least they are still fairly photogenic when my totally biased opinion.


We recently decorated shirts in an argyle pattern, we even found glow in the dark paint, YAY!