Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home Sweet Texas

Matthew and I traveled to Texas a few weeks ago for a short visit. As usual, our visit was entirely too short and we did not get to see as many friends as we would have liked. We did have a great time playing with cousins, entertaining the grandparents and just generally being adored (Matthew much more so than I).

While Matthew has always been an excellent little plane traveler, this was his 6th round trip but he is so much more active now and I was a bit worried that sitting still might be an issue. I purposely booked a flight that included a layover in Memphis so he could get out a run around a bit. It worked beautifully on the way there. He was happy to sit and read, open and close the window shade and eat about a pound of craisens on the first flight. He ran all over the Memphis airport and was out before the plane took off on the way to DFW...YAY for mommy!!!!

On the way home our first flight was delayed over an hour, so our hour layover in Memphis turned into me running through the airport with an 18-month old whose car seat stroller thing lost a wheel while racing down the moving sidewalk and flew past some older gentlemen who looked at me as if I had two heads as I raced by apologetically and made it to my gate as they were closing the doors to the jetbridge.....WHEW!! We made it and again, my little adventurer was fast asleep 10 minutes into the flight!!! We made it home safely and we were both so glad to see Willie at the airport. It is so true that it is good to be matter where home is.

We have reminisced about Texas but love where we are living, it is nice to go visit but we do enjoy coming home.

Meeting cousins Lillian, Louise, David and Noah for the first time.

Practicing drawing with cousin Sammy.

Helping Nana with the shower game.

Helping open lots of pink baby gifts.

My sister and I and our boys, and both pregnant.

Cousin Adrienne taking me for a ride.

Cousin Austin showing me where the "good toys" are.

Riding the scooter that belonged to my namesake...

Reading a book with Papaw & Nana.

Friday, March 27, 2009


After nearly three months of almost constant nausea....I am proud to report it is GONE!!

This is good news for the entire household. Willie will be relieved he no longer has to wonder what smell is going to set me off and Matthew will be glad that I will be cooking more.

I do think I could be a thinner version of myself if I stuck to my recent diet of cold cereal and cheese sandwiches.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Belly up to the bar....or kitchen table?

We have learned, not so gracefully at times, that Matthew learns by watching us. The next few pictures are not such a great representation of us....except that we have switched to cheap beer.

Don't babies actually drank beer in the making of these photos...think prop!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My new YARD man

So this cute little dude showed up at my house and offered to mow my lawn for free. Can you believe it? FREE!!!!!

Well, he would really like food, clothing and shelter for the next 18 or so years...but hey, who's counting.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Updates coming....

Life has been a little crazy here...and I have been a lot exhausted but I plan to get the blog updated in the next few days....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Alabama Snow Day

I really and truly thought that Matthew would see his first snow in Colorado, on a ski excursion...but alas this was not the case. We woke up on Sunday morning to a gorgeous blanket of snow all around us. Of course it had completely disappeared by noon but a little fun was had when we finally made it outside.

First footsteps in the snow.

Walking with Dad on the trailer.

Muppet acting nutty.

Our snowdude

Matthew and Muppet with the snowdude.

Muppet all warmed up again.