Monday, August 25, 2014

Matthew is 7!

7 years old, that is hard for this mama to believe.  I remember this sweet baby at a year old....

and now he is a big 7-year old.

He is the sweetest kid I have ever met.  He loves baseball, riding his bike, star wars and legos.  He loves to help and will do most anything if you just ask him.  He has incredible patience with me and little brother but not so much with himself.  He recently discovered crunchy peanut butter and cannot get enough.

We celebrated his birthday with a special outing that consisted of 7 things for him.  He started off unwrapping a new pair of boots, we then headed off to Krispy Kreme for breakfast followed by mountain biking and fishing at Hays Nature Preserve.  After that we hit up Toys R Us and let him pick out a new Nerf gun.  After a shower and a short break we went to the new trampoline park in town and capped off his special night with a dinner with friends at Mellow Mushroom.