Friday, June 19, 2015

Riggle U is out for SUMMER!

Last Friday we closed out the books on the second year of this crazy-fun-exhausting-patience building-education redeeming-dirty-exciting homeschooling journey.

We have learned SO MUCH!

We have grown SO MUCH!

We are excited for another year....after a 6 or so week break that we all desperately need.

These boys worked hard all year and I "kind" of tested them last week on their history.  We studied US history this year and they both conquered a great deal of information.  I would say 90% of the 24 history points we worked through were fully attached in their little brains.  Seriously, I could not have told you what year the 14th Amendment was signed or list the Bill of Rights to you in order BUT now we all can!  It is unbelievably cool to me that they can and will have such a leg up when they have such a strong grasp on the where and when of history so that they can draw connections between events as they grow.

A few snaps from our highlight reel over the school year....