Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dear Phlip-Phlop (the cat),

While I appreciate your loyalty/allegiance to out family.  Being greeted by dead birds, mice and other unidentified critters does not win you brownie points.  Want brownie points, throw a load of wash in the laundry.


I have enough to do without finding a shovel to pick up your toys.

Dear Horizontal Spaces,

Seriously, how do you get so cluttered so fast.  Keep it up and this will be a house of hooks...and hooks only!


Can't keep up

Dear Space Heaters,

I have developed an unhealthy codependence on you.  I love you, in the middle of the night I lay and listen to you breathe run.  I just wish you would quit sucking so much electricity!


Warm and Broke

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lights Off

After some thought and deliberation I have decided to take our family blog "dark". There are a number of reasons, but mostly just to help me sleep better and give me a little more control over who is privy the intimate details of our boring little lives.

I am going to flip the switch on February 1st, 2011.

You will need to receive an e-mail from me inviting you to view the blog.  To do that, you'll need to send an e-mail to me at riggle_stacey[at]   Be sure and send your request for an invitation FROM THE E-MAIL ACCOUNT you will use to log in to see the blog.  Basically the way the invitations work is that they are linked to your e-mail account.  So don't e-mail me from your work e-mail address if you are more likely to be using your gmail account when you check.  Or send me an e-mail from both, if you need to.  Makes sense, right?

It's quick and painless.

See you...on the dark side!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lone Star Adventures

A few days after Christmas we loaded up and headed to Texas for our first visit in too long 20 months.  The drive was way too long but we got a lot of visiting in and while we feel like we had a great visit with those that we got to see, once again we ran out of time to see many of our friends.

We based ourselves at my parents house, which was awesome.  These boys don't get to see their grandparents much so it was nice they they got to wake up and go to sleep at their house.  Matthew enjoyed his first Pop-Tarts, played at their neighborhood playground,  watched Toy Story 3 a thousand times, enjoyed his magic (fold out couch) bed and taught Kimber about the stairs and all the adventure they hold. They also got to meet new cousins and make some memories.

We did the typical Mexican cuisine extravaganza that always occurs on these trips....Joe T. Garcia's, Chuys and Uncle Julios all in a matter of 48 hours.   We celebrated Christmas with my family.  We got to meet the two newest babies.  Baby Ashton, completely precious and has his big sister and brother completely wrapped around his finger.  Miss Millie, wow, so full of spunk.  I can just say that she is adorable but I don't envy her parents, I think she will be quite the challenge in her teenage years.  We went down to Johnson County and visited Miss Ruth and her goats as well as my sister and her family.  We attended William's grandparents 70th wedding anniversary celebration We hung out with our oldest and dearest friends Ronny and Nicki in Dallas.  We celebrated New Years with good friends.  We had a great time and cannot wait to do it soon as we invest in a bigger car...or teleporter (that drive is BRUTAL).

Kimber, Matthew, Millie & Sammy
 Joe T's
Kimber's first visit, Matthew appears to be showing him the ropes.

The much anticipated train ride on the TRE from Fort Worth to Dallas.  I am not sure if Matthew was more impressed by the actual train ride or the bathroom aboard the train, which we visited 3 or 4 times.  We actually missed our stop coming back and had to hop trains to get back to where we were parked, which was kind of funny....except that we were all famished...tired....and a wee bit frazzled.
 The cutest space ranger ever, 
on New Years Day after spending the night with the Uhlenhakers in Frisco.

A picture of Nana with all of her kids and grandkids.

Some special time with the godparents...and a horse ride of course!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


We recently spent a couple of weeks in Texas and THAT is a whole other post but I have some snippets from Matthew that made me smile that I have to get down before my mind dumps them (like it seems to do a lot these days).

I talked up the Texas trip for several weeks so the morning we left Matthew confirmed that we were going to Texas.  I kept telling him we would be in the car a long time but to no avail.  At every stop he would ask, "This is Texas"?  I kept telling him not yet, not yet.  At one point, about 7 hours in, he was whining in his carseat, "mama, texas, puhlease......".  He finally lost all patience at about hour 10 through hour 14, he was sitting in his carseat crying "want Texas now" over and over and over again.  Did I mention that I had no radio at this point...yeah, fun times. 

We ventured down south to visit friends who happen to have a pair of goats.  We arrived a bit early and decided to go around back and visit their goats.  Within mere seconds of "meeting" said ruminants Matthew said "look mama, blueberries" while pointing to the prolific amount of poop on the ground.

Another thing we talked about leading up to our Texas adventure was Matthew getting to meet his cousins.  He has nine cousins in Texas, two of which he had never met.  It had been over a year since we had been back home so he really did not have any recollection of there "cousins".  We woke up at my parents house the day after we arrived and Matthew walked over to a basket of stuffed animal and said "look mama, it's my cousins".  He was thrilled with the stuffed animal version of his cousins and even more impressed when he met the human forms.

While in Texas we spent an absolutely gorgeous day at the Fort Worth Zoo.  This was only our second trip to a zoo but all Matthew could talk about were the monkeys.  We saw the monkeys first and then I kept bribing him with additional monkey time if we could see some other animals.  He obliged but near closing time he was getting impatient and letting me know, quite sternly, that he needed monkeys NOW.  On our way out we went back through the "World of Primates" only to find workers washing out the monkey exhibits.  Needless to say..there were lots of tears as we made our way to the car.  Looks like we will be zooing it up very soon.

So, we are from Texas, land of good Tex-Mex and we currently reside in Alabama, land of we only use white cheese in our "mexican" cuisine.  Needless to say, from the time we arrive to the time we depart the lone star state we are partaking in Mexican Food.  We ate Mexican food four days in a row and Matthew figured out quite quickly, after the first visit in which I ordered the boys virgin strawberry daiquiris AKA smoothies, that mexican food = smoothies.  At the subsequent 3 restaurants, we would walk in and Matthew would say, "I want Smoothie mama".

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

Once again we spent Christmas in Alabama and can I just say how nice it is to wake up in your own home on Christmas morning!  While we do miss our family and friends it is such a relief to not have to travel with these little people.  Willie's parents came in for the holiday and we all had a great time catching up.  The coolest part, we woke up to a snow covered wonderland on Christmas morning.

Nana and the boys playing with their new blocks.
 Kimber trying out big brothers new big boy bike.
 Staying warm during the Christmas Eve stump grinding festivities.
 Christmas Eve 2010
 Santa came...
 Willie testing out the tee-pee,                                                             and Kimber too.

Quite impressed with their new garbage truck.

 And tools too.
Snowman building

               A snow angel and...                                                                      some snow covered broccoli.

 Warming up with some Sudoku with Gramps