Friday, March 25, 2011

The girls

They're BACK!!!!!

After nearly 4 years of being pregnant and/or nursing the girls are finally mine again!

I am thrilled, well not so thrilled by how they look, but thrilled that they are no longer being utilized by someone else for food/comfort/etc.

I am thankful, very thankful that I was willing/able/lucky enough to be able to nurse both my little guys and know in my heart it was the right thing for us. 

On a totally unrelated note....I am REALLY looking forward to a FULL NIGHT of sleep, it has been over 18 months and I am DUE!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 1.5 Baby K

It seems just yesterday we were celebrating your first birthday and today you hit the 18-month mark. Tomorrow you will be closer to 2 than 1. This makes me want to cry...and jump for joy...and hold on a little tighter...all at the same time.

You have a HUGE repertoire of words, some of them are; milk, bird, Matt, Papa, Mama, dog, nack (snack), eat, juice, outside, tractor, choo choo, cat, car, shovel, noodles, apple, cheese, seed, poop, berry, necklace, hat, cookie, dance, hammer and 100 more I can't think of.

You know the sounds that a cow, chicken, dog, cat, bird, dinosaur and lion make.

You love being chased, eating, wrestling with your brother, playing trains, eating, watching birds, taking baths, being outside and wearing hats.  Did I mention you love to eat...and just about anything!  Some of your favorites are noodles, grapes, apples, blueberries, cheese, hot dogs, pizza, chicken, black beans, hummus, pretzels and oatmeal.

We I have been attempting to wean you from nursing over the past 6 months and you are getting close.  With the 6 ear infections, your love of mommy-milk and you being my last baby, our success rate has been very slow but we are getting there.  I promise, you will not be nursing when you are 48 months...which I think your Dad secretly fears..

You are overjoyed to see Papa when he arrives home from work and run to greet him..which totally makes his day!

You sit in timeout quite well but certainly get your feelings hurt easily.

You are starting to fight back and randomly hit your big brother for no reason at all, which is funny and kinda not.

You had your first true tantrum last week because I make you come inside before you were ready.  WOW...a temper...thanks to your Dad!!

You look up to Matthew, period.  The way you watch him warms my heart..and scares me.  It is not uncommon for me to hear Matthew telling you "jump Kimber" or "do X baby" and of course you do whatever he matter how death defying.  I love that you guys are already so close.  You play together fairly well.  I get asked no less than twice an outing if you boys are twins, besides your dimples you and your brother look identical.

You and your brother have been sharing a bed for about 4 months and you both seem to like it.  We are in the process of moving you guys from a twin bed to a queen to give you both more room for wrestling sleeping.  You still hate sleeping and every single night is a struggle to get both of you to sleep but I have decided that your hatred of sleep MUST BE GENETIC, on your dad's side of course.

Once again, you have added a dynamic to our family that is so perfect.  You complete our team and we look forward to all of the little moments that await us. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

100 Things

As a way of providing insight...and just maybe a smile or two?

So, without further ado...
1. I was born in Louisiana
2. but TEXAS was and always will be HOME
3. I never ever ever thought I would live in Alabama
4. In fact, I honestly though Alabama was one big trailer park
5. Thankfully it is not
6. I love it here now
7. Sunshine and digging in the dirt makes me VERY happy
8. I love that I am the only girl in our house
9. The last three years have felt like ten.
10. In a good way.
11. I've been looking for my path.
12. I have the two most adorable redheaded boys in the planet
13. And no, I am not the least bit biased.
14. I want to be a writer
15. but don't know where to start
16. I have a love/hate relationship with running
17. but I'll keep at it
18. I have done 2 full marathons and several half marathons and there are more in my future
19. eventually
20. I love our neighbors
21. I hate grocery shopping
22. I love to read
23. but the little people don't tolerate it much
24. I love chocolate
25. When I start generating an income...I will quit ironing
26. and start buying books again
27. I used top be such a dog person, but the kidlets zap me of energy, I love our dog but she doesn't get the attention previous dogs have, which makes me sad.
28. I adore my husband
29. funny-unpredictable-nutty-and head over heels for me.
30. I desperately need new bras...
31. Spending nearly 4 years being pregnant and or nursing has done them in.
32. I like the quiet
33. Maybe a little too much
34. I miss it.
35. I miss Texas some days
36. But not that insane commute we did for 8 years
37. I want chickens..for the eggs
38. and goats
39. and horses
40. I am finally done nursing
41. which makes me very happy
42. and a little sad
43. I miss shopping for myself
44. I have a want to sew list a mile long
45. and most of the fabric to do it
46. just need the time
47. My desk is always a work in progress
48. I love thrift store well as curb side shopping...a serial recycler I am.
49. I love book stores and libraries
50. I hate spelling and grammatical errors.....facebook makes me CRAZY for this reason!
51. I am addicted to English Breakfast Tea
52. and Nutella.
53. I need a haircut...BAD.
54. Someday, I will have a station wagon
55. I know, not "cool" but that's okay, I was never the cool kid.
56. My husband really is my best friend
57. and my biggest advocate
58. I will write a book
59. and hopefully get it published.
60. The list of things to do on the house grows by the minute
61. just wish the funds to do it would grow that fast
62. I need a massage
63. and a pedicure
64. and a nap
65. not necessarily in that order
66. I hate going to bed with a dirty kitchen.
67. Horizontal spaces piss me off
68. I miss sleeping in
69. and uninterrupted time with the hubs
70. but love the chaos of two little boys running around under our feet
71. just not so much at 5 AM
72. I hate talking on the phone, I feel awkward
73. Clean of my favorite things
74. A covered screened back porch = BLISS....
75. A girl can dream...right?
76. I am afraid I will never be a skinny girl
77. and that's okay...but these last few baby pounds have GOT TO GO.
78. I believe in God.
79. I am a survivor.
80. My birth mother is the most evil person I have encountered on this earth
81. but she helped make me strong
82. A balanced checkbook makes me feel good.
83. I compost
84. I love growing my own food
85. and planting seeds with my little ones is like frosting on the cake.
86. I feel like I am never a good enough wife-daughter-mother-friend even though I try SO HARD.
87. I hate having an untrustworthy back.
88. I love cuddling in bed with all my boys...
89. but miss sharing my bed with just the big boy.
90. I have a love-hate relationship with change.
91. I think many people are oblivious to a LOT of things.
92. I stockpile food, water and yes, ammo.
93. I desperately want to build some Adirondack chairs for the backyard.
94. I am struggling with the right education options for my boys
95. and career options for me.
96. I do not follow trends
97. I don't like fact they scare the hell out of me.
98. I have an MBA
99. I can forgive but struggle with the forgetting part
100. I hope I didn't bore you to death!

Come on...share 100 things with us!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Elbow sugery and Nana time

Last month we had a special treat, Nana was nice enough to come visit and provide an extra set of hands while  Papa Bear recovered from elbow surgery.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the visit and Papa's elbow is almost like new!

Matthew is getting quite talented at riding his bike.
 Little K, not feeling good.
 Swimming in the sand.
 Nana and her little boys.
 Love, love, loving the swing!
 Snack time.
 Papa and his boys taking a break.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Together

I am by nature a touchy-feely girl.  My kids know it, my spouse knows it, heck the canine knows it but man...there are days that there is just WAY TOO MUCH togetherness. 

Please, stop poking my eyes to further confirm that you know they are eyes, stop pushing/climbing up me while I am at the stove/sink/washer,stop riding me like a bucking bronc when I am doing crunches or push ups and really must story-folding laundry-cutting fabric-or any other activity in which I am near the floor be a FULL CONTACT SPORT?

I love my boys but a little distance every now and then would be nice AMAZING!