Monday, June 2, 2014

Mother's Day Camping Trip 2014

For Mother's Day we decided to get away for the weekend, the menfolk in the house were thrilled by the prospect of camping so off we went to the woods.

This is the first time we have truly backwoods camped FOR REAL since becoming parents, we've car camped a decent amount but always near amenities if needed.  This trip we hiked all of our gear in a couple of miles, made camp and proceeded to CAMP OUT!

Capturing the LOVE between these two 
 is one of the best parts of being their mom.

 Look, over there.
 We finally found the waterfall.

 With a half mile or so to go on the way to the truck both little people were DONE!  
Our sherpa had no problem carrying their load....

We literally did not see another soul the entire weekend until we were a half mile or so from our vehicle on the way out.  It was PERFECT!!

 We most certainly made some memories and are planning to make this an annual excursion.