Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Seven Month Birthday Baby Boy

You are seven months old today....where oh where has the time gone.

Not sure how this is even possible but you get cuter with each passing day. You have the most adorable dimples, the biggest smile, the cutest little teeth (that are not so cute when you are eating), and SUCH DETERMINATION.

You started crawling several weeks ago and boy can you move. There is nowhere you won't go including on top of brother's train track, much to his chagrin! I have had to step up my floor maintenance routine since you are constantly moving and putting every little thing in your mouth (dryer sheets, googly eyes, paper, shoes as well as any food that Muppet misses during meal time, which is typically only vegetables). You have started knowing us more it seems, it is fun to hear you squeal when I walk back into the room or have you crawl over to me and bat at my leg. You are also pulling up on things which is SCARY to me since you don't understand how easily you fall. You will eat just about anything but are loving Cheerios and cheddar rice cakes at the current moment. You experienced your first Easter this month, as well as your first mouthful of sand. You complete our little family and it is fun to watch you loving what we all love, mainly the outdoors. Every afternoon we go outside to play and you are content to sit or crawl in the grass, chew on mulch, watch brothers antics, etc. You LOVE to swing, much more than Matthew ever did. You make us laugh by doing yoga, I think your knees get tired from all the crawling, periodically I look over and see you in Downward Facing Dog position with the cutest little baby booty high in the air.

I love you more with each passing day and look forward to learning from you as we continue our journey together!

This is my favorite this month!!

Your favorite playmate....

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