Thursday, October 8, 2015

Little things

It really is ALL those little things that make this life so interesting.

We played Kimber up so that both boys are on the same baseball team this fall.......after keeping up with two different schedules during spring ball this is quite the relief. 

Nana and Gramps made it to a game!

Such a cutie.

Post game snacks

Today, during our fact sheet portion of our math lesson, when each boy gets to do his sheet on a clipboard wherever he wants, I peek into the living room and those sweet boys are snuggled up together in my late grandmother's recliner working away...and I honestly don't believe they were even collaborating...just snuggling.

Between my own thrifting and my sweet mother in law's thrifting I have amassed quite the collection of cloth napkins.  There are certain favorites that make me smile....every single time we use them.  We keep a loaf pan on our dining table filled with these little beauties and those of you that know us know we are NOT fancy but they are used at almost every meal.

WEATHER, we just finished our third week of school and EVERY DAY this week we got to spend a considerable amount of time out of doors.  Mostly 70's and 80's all week.....we are definitely not in Texas anymore Toto!  I think the boys favorite daily activity is read aloud time in the treehouse, it just might be ABSOLUTELY IS my favorite too!

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