Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Little did we know we moved to a city where NASA is a HUGE part of the economy as well as the community. Along with this comes defense contractors and numerous other government agencies that support NASA and its counterparts. Huntsville, AL (aka Rocket City) is blessed with an amazing facility, the US Space and Rocket Center, home of Space Camp not to mention completely cool parts, pieces, models and replicas of current and past technology that have made it possible to get man into space. We finally went to visit the US Space and Rocket Center in January and were thoroughly impressed. I have to admit, I had no clue and I mean NONE as to how big the Apollo Rocket actually was nor did I have any grasp of the absolute enormity of the space program. I have to admit I have always taken for granted our ability to travel to space...well maybe not my actual ability, but the ability of the astronauts.

This is the rocket that you can see from the freeway and
Matthew never fails to point it out as we zoom by.

These are the engines on the Apollo Rocket that we are looking up at.
Truly massive.

Where did they go?

The smiley one.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Ultrasound - Baby Riggle #2

After some angst on our household over strange hormone levels the doctor asked us to come in for an ultrasound today. I am happy to report that all appears to be normal, Baby Riggle has a strong heartbeat (146bpm) and is about 6 weeks old. We were given an estimated due date of September 30th, 2009. We are anxious to meet our new little person...

Tour de Bama

We bought an I-BERT bike seat in January and have finally gotten to use it a few times in recent weeks. The weather here has been superb and Matthew goes over to my bike and points at his seat and is ready to go. He even holds onto the handlebars and I think he believes that he is steering the bike. If the ride does not last as long as he thinks it should, he is not shy about letting us know.

He has also been enjoying his tricycle he got for Christmas though he does stumble periodically.

Warming up

Helping Dad air up his tires.

Matthew and Dad

Matthew was not done riding...

Just a few more miles...