Sunday, January 22, 2012

End of an era.....or four

There are so many phases that are ending in our world right now:

Tricycles..the boys both have 2-wheeled bikes and it still startles me a bit to see my baby barreling down the driveway on his big boy bike.

Potty training is done, the potty chair is gone, diapers are outta' here and the amount of nakedness at any given moment around this joint has drastically increased.

K is trying to give up his nap and I would be telling a lie if I said that didn't make me a little sad.  He does nap some days, just not every day.

We have finally made the switch from whole milk to 2%, maybe this will help me drop some more pounds since I just have to have milk in my morning tea?

The days of having leftovers when cooking a "normal" sized meal are quickly vanishing.  Kimber's appetite = voracious!

Along with this there are a number of new phases starting which is fun, most of the time.

Matthew can make his own fold-over peanut butter sandwich or tortilla.  Of course he uses at least twice the amount of peanut butter I use but less thing for mama to do.

The amount of imaginary play has exploded these last few months.  I am amazed that the chairs around the dining room table have been re-purposed into a boat, tent poles, a train, a stove and a scooter parking lot.

Kimber has become quite adept at serving himself.  He opens the fridge, moves his chair over to the fridge, climbs up on chair, opens the fruit drawer, removes fruit, typically a clementine orange, sits the fruit on the floor, closes the fridge, moves chair back to the table, peels his orange and devours it.  No chance of scurvy for this guy.

Cutting, lots of cutting.  Matthew can cut things out pretty well and of course Kimber thinks his skills are just as good.

Superheroes, bad guys, good guys......both boys are enthralled with any character somewhat "super" in any way.  While Captain America and Jackie Chan (did you know there is a Jackie Chan cartoon, no, you didn't, well, you're welcome now you do) are at the top of the list, Kung Fu Panda, Spiderman, Finn McMissile, Tow Mater, Superman and Batman are favorites too.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Our house seems a little empty these days.  I know 2 adults, 2 small children, a good dog, a not so good puppy and a cat doesn't seem like the definition of empty but it seems that way these days.  After a month-long visit from W's parents we said goodbye to them a few days ago.  I won't lie, I was ready to get back into a more normal routine but I do love that the boys get to spend so much time with them once a year and that they are willing to travel this direction to visit.

They left before the boys woke up and Matthew was thoroughly irritated that Nana took her flashlight with her.  The one she keeps by her bed at night.  Apparently he had his eye on it and was hoping she would leave it for him, like the kid doesn't have ANY flashlights?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finishing Touch

At any given point there are ALWAYS at least 10 projects in need of completion under our roof.

The boys room has been almost finished for a good 8 months and over the last few weeks, thanks to the grands, their room is done except for one little thing I need to make.  I had been racking my brain trying to come up with something cute/unique to finish off  their bed and Nana made the perfect pillow buddies.  They love them and drag them ALL OVER THE HOUSE.  They also found a perfect little shelf to go beside their bed to hold their lamp and some books.  I am thrilled with how it turned out!!

Leg of Lamb

My lovingly selected nativity set didn't quite escape the holiday season unscathed, we discovered last night that Mauser (the new puppy) enjoyed a rear leg of the little lamb in the past few weeks.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


My top ten list for 2011

1)  Shaved 10 whole minutes off my half-marathon pace from a year ago!!
2)  Took on a part time paying gig that I am enjoying.
3)  I survived. The interrupted sleep cycles, the food demands, the poop, the vomit, the big tornado, the arctic storm, temper tantrums, living in limbo, fevers, K starting MMO, ,,,,and I am happy, healthy and truly love my life.
4)  My children still love me! I still get unsolicited kisses from them both just further proof that I managed to make it another year as a pretty decent mama!
5)  After a 13+ year search our family found a church home!
6)  Will and I had our first night away since becoming parents 4 years ago.  Bonus points, we got to spend it with great friends and run our first Warrior Dash.
7)  No more diapers in this house!!
8)  Last girls weekend was in 2005, in New York City.  This was fixed this year, a sandy Florida beach, books, some adult libations and a few full nights of sleep....heavenly!!
9)  In the last 60 days of 2011....I became the owner of not one...but several new pairs of shoes.  Yes, I needed some...just not sure I "needed" 4 pairs of boots and 2 pairs of peep toe Tom's. 
10) Alabama is starting to feel like home.  We have some genuine friends, are involved in our little community, have awesome neighbors and best of all.....Will went to work for a local company so we hope to be staying put for awhile!