Sunday, December 2, 2012


I has a weirdly domestically productive day.

Not that I don't feel crazy busy 99% of the time, today I got a lot of things marked off the never ever ending list.

Baked and pureed 2 pumpkins.

Processed 2 legs of deer, about 6 roasts and then ground the rest for burger meat.

Made a giant batch of meatballs, froze 2/3 of them for easy meals later.

Visited a brand new baby boy.

Went to an open house at the local toy store that we adore.

Both kids were in bed at 8, husband cashed out in the recliner soon after and I got some work stuff done and did a blog post....I'm an animal I tell ya!!


Nicole said...

Impressive! I love days like that, but they are a rare thing for me.

99Silverlady said...

You ROCK!!

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